Côtes du Rhone

The wines of the Cotes du Rhone are associated with wine tasting and cooking for Alain Ducasse School to mix food and wine. Located on both sides of the Rhone between Vienne, Valence and Avignon, Côtes du Rhône wines derive their personality an astonishing diversity of soil, climate and grape varieties. The wines of the Cotes du Rhone are part of a logic of accessibility in terms of taste, of money but also the state of mind by companies of the Rhone Valley. Mobilization shared by more than 1,000 private wineries or grapes growers , 75 co-operative wineries, 55 negociants and by a communication developed by Inter-Rhone. Culturally Rhone Valley is always included in all of world. His name is known and recognized throughout the world, always in line with the great names of sommeliers and food.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume with moderation.


Born in the heart of the French Alps in 1890, the Opinel penknife is still made in Savoy but is now famous all over the world and loved by the greatest artists, adventurers, chefs ... Today Opinel applies its expertise on kitchen and table knives collections . The Intempora kitchen knives chosen by l’Ecole de cuisine Alain Ducasse symbolize the fine balance between design and authenticity, an attachment to our ancestral know-how and the desire always to offer the tool best suited for the task.


Located in the heart of Paris, Kaviari have been a reference in caviar’s world for 40 years. Mindful of ensuring the sustainability of the age-old art of caviar production, this independent artisanal firm works today with the best fish farms accross the world. Skilled Kaviari staff members join forces with the fish farmers, and follow each step of the production process. This allows the selection of the roes ment to be cured in our laboratories directly from its origins. It is this strict transparency and the passion for the metier wich contribute to Kaviari’s international notoriety among chefs and gourmets.


With its wealth of experience and expertise handed down through the generations since 1867, Ercuis creates collections in solid silver and silver plate, both inspired by France’s rich heritage of decorative arts, as well as more timeless or boldly contemporary designs.Since the roaring twenties, Ercuis’ pieces have featured in grand hotels and legendary settings such as the Orient Express or the Île-de-France and Normandie ocean liners. Today, Ercuis is still admired for its elegant objects which adorn the most renowned tables, such as those of Le George V and Joël Robuchon’s restaurants, where its expert craftsmanship can be appreciated alongside the pleasures of fine dining. Ercuis perpetuates tradition through the skills of its craftsmen and designers who create modern pieces by drawing on their longstanding experience, their attention to quality and detail, and their shared passion.


ABCDESIGN is a French responsible company dedicated to the service and manufacturing of contemporary furniture, managed by Jean-Christophe LECLERCQ, since 2006. Jean-Christophe LECLERCQ is a worldwide designer who made ABCDESIGN a benchmark in innovative furniture responding to new clients’ expectations in various fields and with international. The famous Alain Ducasse cooking school is a regular partner of ABCDESIGN. This collaboration mixes all appreciations of food enjoyment and the passion of innovative furniture. Indeed, ABCDESIGN provides its customers with qualified teams in all aspects of design, hotel business or food services.They offer made to measure consultancy, from setting up through to follow up. Services such as a technical research department, a show-room, materials library or provision of furniture are available.

Prova Gourmet

For more than 70 years, PROVA Gourmet has been seeking out and selecting the most precious vanillas, sourced worldwide, and transforming them for use in products with incomparable flavours. Beans, extracts, sugars, powders…are all creative materials passed on to artisans and chefs, pastry-makers, ice cream-makers, chocolate-makers, restaurant owners across the world, making any tasting experience, by its very essence, ephemeral, unforgettable. With virtuosity and passion, PROVA Gourmet reveals Vanilla. PROVA Gourmet, Vanilla master since 1946.

Zwilling Staub

Zwilling it’s more than 285 years of excellence. Since 1731, Zwilling J.A. Henckels makes high quality knives, recognized for their excellent level. Staub, the taste of excellence ! Since the creation of their first Staub’s pots, there is only one ambition : Strive for perfection. Mixing tradition and modernity, know-how and technology, it is no coincidence that Staub became a reference in the whole world.


Together, good becomes better. Our mission is to foster a collective movement which brings together all cocoa, chocolate and gastronomy players to push the boundaries and create a fair and sustainable cocoa sector and a gastronomy that does good and tastes great​. At Valrhona, we firmly believe that we have the power to co-create a sustainable model for our industry hand-in-hand with everyone who works in it. Every last one of us will benefit, from our producers to our colleagues, chefs to chocolate lovers, as we find the means to respect and protect the planet. To make the best chocolate, we have to be our best selves.